Product Features

  • Consumers, Professionals, Students, & Professors can acquire digital eBooks or eChapters online or order a printed version of your eBook
  • Access all of your Digital ancillary files for your eBook here
  • Professors and Instructors Access your desk copies digitally immediately upon employment confirmation
  • Customer Support Monday to Friday 9-5pm (EST)
  • Support personnel will call when situation is deemed necessary
  • All maintenance downtime is scheduled ahead of time to make sure you have all the materials you need offline

About AuthorCloudware

AuthorCloudware, our digital content delivery platform, provides e-content management seamlessly and securely for any type of user. It delivers your digital information to a PC, MAC, or mobile device using the Adobe Content Server application, the most trusted and widely used program in the publishing industry.

The benefits of going digital help you save money and the ability to read your books and eResources anywhere offline.

Effective as of August 25, 2015